Sixth Day Evening: The Mediator


We hope in thy Word.
There we see thee, not on a fearful throne
of judgment,
But on a throne of grace
waiting to be gracious and exalted in mercy.
There we hear thee saying,
not ‘Depart ye cursed’,
but ‘Look unto me and be ye saved,
for I am God and there is none else.’
They that know thy name put their trust in thee.
How many now glorified in heaven,
and what numbers living on earth,
are thy witnesses, O God,
exemplifying in their recovery from
the ruins of the Fall
the freeness, riches and efficacy of thy grace!
All that were ever saved were saved by thee,
and will through eternity exclaim,
‘Not unto us, but unto thy name give glory
for thy mercy and truth’s sake.’
Thou hast chosen to transact all thy concerns
with us through a Mediator
in whom all fullness dwells
and who is exalted to be Prince and Saviour.
To him we look, on him we depend,
through him we are justified.

May we derive relief from his sufferings
without ceasing to abhor sin,
or to long after holiness;
feel the double efficacy of his blood,
tranquillizing and cleansing our consciences;
delight in his service as well as in his sacrifice;
be constrained by his love
to live not to ourselves but to him;
cherish a grateful and cheerful disposition,
not murmuring and repining
if our wishes are not indulged,
or because some trials are blended
with our enjoyments,
But, sensible of our desert,
and impressed with the number and greatness
of thy benefits,
may we bless and praise thee at all times.


Valley of Vision is copyrighted. This text was copied with permission from Banner of Truth.